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Integration of google adsense

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I have been trying to incorporate google adsense through the Raw HTML object but it doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone who has incorporated them please help.I recently submitted my application to adsense and got through the first round of approvals. Now i need to implement an ad into my page before the next round of checking. My understanding is the sidebar should support up to 200pixels wide (so have made my ad smaller than that!) I set up my ad and got my html code.

I then inserted an HTML object and put the wrap in inspector as sidebar. I then went to edit html and pasted the adsense code. When I paste it, most of the text is red. I then hit validate and it comes back with the error: "Unable to contact to perform the validation. You may wish to try again later." I thought this may be because I haven't been fully approved yet so published it. I left it for a day, tried again (including making a new smaller ad) and it happened again. I have now left it approximately 2 days (they advise it should be done in 48hours) and still - nothing. The ad isn't appearing on the published site (I should at least be able to highlight it even though the ad is blank right?)Is there something I am doing wrong? Or has anyone else successfully incorporated adsense?I have searched the forums and internet for sandvox / adsense but there isnt much there which means either its really simple and I am doing it wrong or not many people are using adsense and sandvox (which I find hard to believe).Any help would be great!

Please help

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