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AMD employees and stealth viral marketers

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InlggPostat: 2018-04-03 14:32    Rubrik: AMD employees and stealth viral marketers Svara med citat


As reported by Mark, a leader/recruiter of AMD's "astroturfer/shill" squad came to work at his site and not only tried to make financial ties with AMD for favorable reviews, but also shared his methodology for cultivating viral marketers by giving them free hardware and encouraging them to post positive experiences with the hardware on various tech forums.Mark also notes that actual AMD employees routinely post on tech forums without identifying themselves.

Thoughts on this nefarious activity? Should these viral marketers and AMD employees be allowed to post in forums and use them as free advertising for their wares?Isn't this the WORST form of advertising, because the consumer does not know they are being marketed to? Should AMD be forced by law to pay advertising fees to the forums they've apparently polluted? Should they be forced by law to disclose they are compensated advertisers?

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